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Thursday October 2, 2014 2

SkY Thursdays


Old School 80s, 90s and early 2k classics
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Friday October 3, 2014 3

Signature Fridays

For the clubbing conscious, this is THE place to be on Friday night. The longest running night in Boston history, the International clientele is comprised of the cities jet-setters, weekend warriors, young professionals looking to let loose and generations of friends and family. DJ Roger-M and DJJC work the crowd with Funky House & Sexy Latin.


House, Latin, & Latin House
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Saturday October 4, 2014 4

Entourage Saturdays

Guaranteed to sell out by 11:30 pm every Saturday. Two rooms, two DJs, one entourage. Come early to see what the hype is all about!

Ladies add your name to our guest list for $15 reduced admission before 11:30pm


Top 40 Mash Ups/ International Latin Music
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